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MMS Gas Power offer a wide range of services and are conveniently located just off the A5 in Gailey, Stafford.

MMS Gas Power are suppliers of Butane Gas Bottle/Cylinders, Propane Gas Bottle/Cylinders, and offer them to customers for a small fully refundable deposit. Prices include VAT.

MMS Gas Power are a one stop shop for all gas bottle accessories including Regulators, hose clips, rubber hose pipes, and also sell portable heaters that run on gas cylinders.

MMS Gas Power are a LPG filling station and also provide LPG Vehicle Conversion Installations.

MMS Gas Power also offer competitively priced servicing & repair to all LPG vehicles.

Our Services


butane gas bottle

Butane Gas Bottles/Cylinders are available in 3 different sizes ranging from 7kg to 15kg.

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proprane gas bottle

Propane Gas Bottles/Cylinders are available in 6 different sizes ranging from 6kg to 47kg.

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LPG Conversions

lpg car image skeleton of an engine

MMS Gas Power offer LPG conversions to most vehicles at a very competitive price. to find out more....

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LPG Filling Station

lpg filling pump

MMS Gas Power are a fully manned LPG filling station, open seven days a week for your convenience.

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Service & Repairs

MMS Gas Power specialise in LPG vehicle repair and servicing. Offering competitive rates and a quick and efficient service.

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Gas Accessories

MMS Gas Power sell butane and propane gas bottle/cylinders accessories including hose clips, rubber hose pipes, and regulators.

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Portable Heaters

portable heater

MMS Gas Power sell portable heater for your home that runs on gas bottles. Heat your home with a powerful portable heater that you can move from room to room. Cutting down the price of your energy bill.

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Disability Friendly

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MMS Gas Power are always here to lend a helping hand, for anyone with mobility difficulties. The filling station is manned and an operative will refuel and take payment from the vehicle for anyone requiring this service.