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LPG Conversions

MMS Gas Power supply and install LPG conversions to your vehicle. Most petrol and diesel vehicles can be converted to run on autogas LPG. Petrol vehicles can be converted immediately and you can start to enjoy the benefits of an LPG conversion straight away.

The benefits of converting to LPG power is not only financial, it is also environmentally friendlier. LPG takes approximately two days to complete.


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Most Vehicles can be converted to LPG:

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The LPG system

Modern LPG systems are as sophisticated as the petrol system installed by the vehicle manufacturer. An LPG system conversion will include a storage tank, fuel line, fuel pump, injectors and ECU (electronic control unit).

Whats in the Engine?

Under the bonnet you may notice a subtle change in the engine bay with the addition of the LPG fuel system including LPG injectors, vaporiser, LPG fuel lines, additional valve lubrication and ECU depending on the type of engine.


LPG is Liquid Petroleum Gas and is stored under pressure in tanks. The tanks are purpose built to withstand high impact and extreme temperatures.

Tanks are usually mounted in the vehicle's boot, spare wheel well or under the chassis.

LPG tanks are supplied as cylinders or torodoils (shaped like a polo mint), LPG tanks are always round in shape, this is to allow for pressure build up of the gases inside, as pressure is increased the gas will reform itself into a round shape so the roundness of the tank allows for free movement of the gases.

Re-Fueling Point

The vehicle filler point will be mounted to the vehicles body, typically fitted close to the petrol filling cap.Occasionally the filling connector may be mounted on the tow bar attachment or the vehicle bumper.

Fuel switch & gauge

Most often than not LPG vehicles are dual fuel meaning they will run on either LPG or petrol. This transition can be made by a switch, this switch is usually mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Why Choose MMS Gas Power for your LPG Conversion?

  • At MMS Gas Power we have a team of professionals who will convert your vehicle to LPG quick and efficiently.
  • MMS Gas Power are happy to give free advise to anyone interested in an LPG conversion but may have questions about how it works or whether their car is suitable for a conversion.

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